4 Most Common Behavior Traits of an Addict

4 Most Common Behavior Traits of an Addict | Adjuva Psychiatry

There are a few people who can get addicted to alcohol or drugs and continuously function in society or at a job. Almost nobody can succeed similarly in every area of life. Hence, sometimes it brings stress in their life. When somebody close to you is addicted, the truth is difficult to face. You are not alone in facing a tough time handling morality and personality changes of the person close to you. When you know the most common behavior traits of an addict, you can take the right actions and make better decisions.

The Most Common Behavior Traits of an Addict

1. He/she lies.

An addict tells lies for misleading people regarding where they were when they were actually out using or purchasing alcohol or drugs. The more they feel the requirement of drugs, the more possibly they feel the requirement of lying. This is how an addict gradually destroys his life.

2. He/she manipulates.

Unless a person is addicted, his close friends and family really want him/her to be happy and thrive. They try to motivate good decisions but an addicted person is on the destructive track. The attraction of the drugs is so strong that the person feels the requirement of the drugs to be capable of getting through another day, to function, and to not get sick desperately from withdrawal. Hence, the person manipulates people who love him/her the most. The manipulation pattern goes on for many years without there being any change in behavior. The unfortunate truth is that when a person is addicted, you cannot believe his promises because they are simply more manipulation.

3. He/she will shift the blame.

For an addict, irresponsibility is the name of the game. Although an addict may have lived his/her earlier life as an extremely responsible person, drug addiction destructs that quality also. Whatever occurs is not his/her fault. In case he/she loses his job, it will be his/her boss’s fault. If he/she experiences a car accident, it is completely somebody else’s fault. When he/she fails at some activities, people close to him/her will be blamed.

4. He/she possibly involves in criminal offence.

This is not seen in every addict, but it’s a usual pattern for an addicted person. Gradually the money runs out and he/she has sold everything of value. He/she owes family and friends money. There are no more assets but he/she has to gain drugs or alcohol. At this point, numerous individuals start committing crimes. Manufacturing or selling drugs are common ones. Many addicted persons even steal products from the homes of friends or family. Sadly, some drugs destroy a person’s sense of self-respect that he/she turns to bad or degraded activities.

In spite of these behavioral traits of addicted people, there is still a ray of hope. Recovery and rehabilitation are possible if you get in touch with Adjuva Psychiatry. We are dedicated to bringing strong life skills so a person can get success in his/her life. If this sounds good to you, just knock us right away.

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