Importance of Individual Counseling during Addiction Treatment in Wilton Manors

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Centers that offer addiction treatment in Wilton Manors help many addicts accomplish lifelong sobriety. Albeit many people think that it happens due to willpower, it’s a neurological disease that needs clinical addiction treatment. Permanent neurological transformations take place within the brains of addicts.

Individual counseling is a successful addiction treatment strategy. This is a vital feature of evidence-based treatments that have been scientifically examined, government-mandated and statistically proven. Here are a few ways a Wilton Manors addiction treatment center uses one-on-one counseling for treating patients:

1. Finding the reasons behind an addiction

The addiction treatment specialists find the real causes behind the addictions of the addicts. They test the emotions and thoughts the addicts have when they use substances to decide why they started using them in the first place and how they grew their physical reliance on that substance. These findings have two reasons. First, they help addicts decide their addiction instigators. These instigators can be physical objects, people and places that drive them to addiction. Second, they help addicts learn methods for dealing with the irresistible urges they will encounter when they return to society.

2. Methods to avoid substance use

Avoidance is a lasting method for many addicts to stay clean. Places, where substance use and addictions are stimulated, should be avoided by people who are strongly addicted. An addict can abstain from many tempting situations by staying away from these places. Some friends can trigger substance addictions. You must avoid such friends who encourage for addition. This may change an addict’s social life, but making new friends and avoiding old ones will help in successful addiction treatment.

3. Learning to deal with substance use

Avoidance is not always possible as substance use is so pervasive these days. Hence, addicts should use some coping methods they can learn from a wellness center to deal with their temptations when others are getting addicted around them. Healthy, happy ambiance sometimes helps them cope with such substance use.

4. Treating coexisting conditions

Most addicted people suffer from mental sickness. These coexisting conditions sometimes contribute to the creation of addictions and they always frustrate the efforts of addicts for staying sober. Anxiety and depression are the most general mental illnesses.

  • Anxiety – Many people get addicted to substance use due to continuous worry or stress. The reasons can be family issues, financial issues, high-powered careers, etc.

  • Depression – Depression pushes many people to extreme sadness and substance use. Sometimes people use such substances because they are sad, but doing so causes disruptive behavior. They spoil their connections with friends and relatives, causing extreme addiction and deeper depression.

Fortunately, many wellness centers prioritize addiction treatment in Wilton Manors. Dealing with mental health problems through medication and counseling is important for addicts to engage successfully their treatments and tackle their cravings. If you or your loved one is suffering from substance addiction, contact Adjuva Psychiatry right away. Regardless of how much you are suffering, addiction treatment can help you get back on track.

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