Suboxone/MAT in Wilton Manors

Suboxone/MAT in Wilton Manors | Adjuva Psychiatry

Suboxone is the Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) that treats the symptoms of withdrawal from substance dependence. Suboxone/MAT in Wilton Manors is prescribed as a part of a total restoration process that incorporates psychological counseling. With this treatment, fewer than 25% of addicts can quit substance use successfully, since the medication removes side effects and consequent cravings.

How Does Suboxone/MAT Work?

Suboxone is a prescribed medicine that includes naloxone, an opioid blocker, and buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist. A partial opioid agonist also acts as an opioid on the opioid receptors of the brain. However, unlike these medicines, buprenorphine does not lead to the euphoric feeling the user relates to a high. This enables the prevention of the physical side effects occurred by drug abandonment with no related pleasurable feelings occurred by the substance use. On the other hand, naloxone creates extreme withdrawal symptoms when it is snorted or crushed, so it is integrated with buprenorphine to restrain the abuse of this therapy process.

How Is Suboxone/MAT Given Away?

Since it is a long-performing medicine, it just requires being taken once daily, either as an 8mg or a 2mg tablet or an 8mg or a 2mg strip that disappears under the tongue. Moreover, the filmstrip incorporates a serial number for preventing the diversion of the medicine. Patients must smoke, eat or drink within 30 minutes of their regular dose as this can prevent the dissolution of the medicine. This treatment does not apply to people who dip or chew tobacco.

What Are The Side Effects Of Suboxone Or MAT?

Patients addicted to substance use usually encounter a sense of relaxation and calmness; however, it often leads to less preferred side effects like a feeling of shakiness or jitters, irritability, insomnia, or constipation. Albeit the incorporation of naloxone lowers the possibility of abuse, this substance still can be addictive in case somebody uses it without the supervision of a doctor. People in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) will be weaned gradually from the medicines after the withdrawal period decreases. With the use of this medication in the long-term can output in depression, isolation, anxiety, confusion, gastrointestinal problems, confusion, and drowsiness. And like drug addiction, this can cause financial crunch and issues with relationships and work.

How Does Suboxone/MAT Fit Into Recovery?

The term ‘recovery’ implies the coming back of a person to a life free of substance addiction. While Suboxone or MAT is a strong tool in the addiction treatment, it is not competent alone. People who try to overcome drug addiction must also take counseling into account for understanding the behavioral and psychological aspects of addiction. Inpatient and outpatient treatment comes in different types that help lessen the psychological mechanisms that caused addiction and treat every underlying mental health state that was either contributed to or caused by opioid abuse.

People, who are addicted to drugs like opioids and want to learn more about the benefits of Suboxone/MAT in Wilton Manors, can visit a doctor who specializes in addiction treatment in Wilton Manors.

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